Solutions to Homophobia and Transphobia in Sport


Over the last two decades, dozens of manuals, educational resources, and policies have been created to promote the inclusion of LGBTQ+ in sport. Unfortunately, almost all are based on assumptions rather than science and evidence. The manuals and education resources are also not used, and many coaches are unaware of policies.

Public health officials have identified an 'urgent' need for effective solutions to stop the harm to everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender, from homophobic attitudes and behaviours.

This page will help you quickly identify the approaches that are based on research and evidence and those that are unlikely to be effective.

We know that this information may be confronting to some who use solutions that are not based on science. We are not saying these resources do not work, but rather, they have never been proven to work and they are not based on identifiable research and evidence. 

Dozens of  coach 'manuals' and 'guides' have been created.
It is unclear if any are effective or used.
The problem of homophobia has been studies for half a century, but only four studies have focused on finding  solutions. 

Evidence-Based Solutions and Approaches


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